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Rural Property Agents, Chartered Surveyors and Auctioneers in Ross-on-Wye

RG & RB Williams is a long-established family owned rural Chartered Surveying and Auctioneering firm, and the sole owner and operator of Ross Market.

With a firm grounding within the border counties, West Midlands and Wales, RG and RB Williams operates with the feel and service of a local firm, but with a national reputation. Richard Williams and William Probert, the firm’s partners, both run their own farming business, therefore providing practical advice for the benefit of clients. 

RG and RB Williams was established in 1991 by Gwyn Williams and his son Richard. Both Gwyn and Richard were partners in the firm of Coles Knapp and Kennedy which was responsible for the construction of the current market site at Over Ross opened in 1986, before its acquisition by the Halifax Building Society in 1988. In 1996 the father and son team were able to retake control of Ross Market and repurchased shares from the building society.

Gwyn and Richard worked as partners until Gwyn sadly passed away aged 88 in 2018. He had worked in Ross-on-Wye since 1954 and attended the office every day until a few months before his death.

Nowadays, partners Richard Williams and William Probert head up the firm, working alongside their longstanding and trusted team to deliver a service of the highest standard, with a friendly and practical approach.

One of the leading agents from the Agricultural Mortgage Corporation, RG and RB Williams can provide leading financial advice, along with a myriad of professional services, with particular specialisms in expert witness representation, tenancy matters and all aspects of valuation work.

As Auctioneers we regularly hold on farm live and dead stock sales, property auctions and sales of standing crops. As Directors of RG & RB Auctioneers Limited, we run Ross Auction Centre, with weekly sales of livestock and monthly antique sales.

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View all Rural Professional Services